Interdisciplinary Courses 

Since September the courses “Introduction to GIS” and “Cartography and Topography” are available to students of the following OshTU Faculties: 
1. Automobile Transport Faculty 
2. Technology and Nature Management Faculty 
3. Information Technology Faculty 
4. Construction Engineering Faculty 
5. Energy Faculty 
The students of “Software Engineering” specialty of Information Technology Faculty are offered the course “Introduction to GIS”. At the Construction Engineering Faculty, the course “Introduction to GIS” is taught to students of “Civil and Industrial Engineering”, “Highways and Airfield” and “Building Design” specialties. At the Energy Faculty, “Introduction to GIS” course is available to students of “Electro (power) Station”, “Rural Electrification” and “Electro(power) supply” specialties. At the Technology and Nature Management Faculty, students of “Geological survey and mineral deposits” and “Subsoil waters and geological engineering” specialties are studying the course “Introduction to GIS” and the course “Cartography and Topography” is taught within the “Protection in Emergency Situations” specialty. Students of the “Organization of Traffic Safety” and “Auto-Service” specialties of the Automobile Transport Faculty are participating the course “Introduction to GIS”. 

A brief overview and description of all courses:





Information Technology Faculty

1.Software Engineering

“Introduction to GIS”

Zirek Malikova

Construction Engineering Faculty

1.      Civil and Industrial Engineering

2.      Highways and Airfield

3.      Building Design

“Introduction to GIS”


Gulzara Mamazhakypova

Energy Faculty

1.      Electro (power) Station

2.      Rural Electrification

3.      Electro(power) supply

“Introduction to GIS”


Buazhar Kochkonbaeva

Technology and Nature Management Faculty

1.      “Geological survey and mineral deposits”,

2.      “Subsoil waters and geological engineering”

“Introduction to GIS”

Gulshaan Ergeshova

1.      Protection in Emergency Situations

“Cartography and Topography”

Automobile Transport Faculty

1. Organization of Traffic Safety,

2. Auto-Service

“Introduction to GIS”